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Who is the premium service supposed to address and what does it offer?

All subscribers to this magazine are entitled to take advantage of a premium service Logging-in with their subscription number will enable them to hear the complete listening exercises of a number of articles, as well as check the correct Hungarian pronunciation in the particular texts. Our Premium Service also includes a “hotline” for questions related to the listening texts and the grammar used.


Two details are necessary for logging-in: the user name and the password. The registration proceeds in two steps:

1. Please fill in the blanks after the user name by typing the last five digits of your subscription number. For example, if your subscription number is 01-05-00326, then your username is 00326. You can also find your subscription number on your invoice.

2. We will send you your password via email. If you wish us to send you your password, please click here!

You can find the mask for logging in on the top right.

In future you will always be able to log into our system with these two data, in case you wish to take advantage of our premium service.
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