11th issue
Dear readers!

Incredible but true! This latest issue celebrates our magazine’s fifth anniversary. Reason enough for us to present our subscribers with a small gift: enclosed find a practical magnet bookmark cheerfully decorated in keeping with the season. Equally cheerful our interview with landscape architect Ágnes Fedl full of pictures to our hearts’ desire. See sections Fókusban, Gyerekjáték és Élethelyzet for more about the seasons and the weather. For our regional and cultural studies join us on a trip to the Halas lace museum and an array of fascinating works of art. Correct answers in our competition take part in a prize draw to win a book and DVD on Halas lace. We look forward to your answers!

Once again we have spiced up our magazine with a good dose of humour. Dr. Vilmos Rajnai who completed his studies at Bejing Medical University gives a highly entertaining and relaxed account of his experience in China.

Have a great summer and enjoy our magazine’s jubilee issue!


Tünde Kovacs
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