8th issue
Dear reader,

Publishing the winter issue is always a festive occasion for all of us at the editorial office. Still, we are so pleased to know that our magazine will be among the millions of presents given away during the Holidays around the world that all the rush about meeting the copy deadline is easily forgotten.

While Magyarul tanulok may not be the biggest or most expensive gift one can make, its personal touch will bring great pleasure to all who receive it: those who study Hungarian for the fun of it or out of love for the language, students intending to get to know the ways of Eastern Europe, grandfathers who had to leave Hungary for America in 1956, Australian businessmen whose ancestors were Hungarian immigrants, linguists in Northern Europe, language teachers in Egypt or far away grandchildren fumbling around in Hungarian who are now set to learn the language properly.

As you leaf through the magazine the atmosphere and flavours of the Holidays, tables set with the most palatable delights and a whole colourful world of rural traditions will be conjured up before your eyes. To give you a flavour of things to come we have prepared a selection of “tidbits“: how about a cup of freshly brewed, aromatic coffee at the “king of coffee“ with Hungarian roots, crisp and tasty sweets from a wide range of Hungarian health food or perhaps a culinary journey back in time. Here is to your loyalty in 2008!

Please accept our traditional Hungarian wishes for the New Year from myself and all the staff:

bort, búzát, békességet!

Kovács Tünde
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