3rd issue
Dear Reader,

You are now holding the third issue of our magazine in your hands. We regularly receive numerous letters and emails from you with many useful ideas and comments.

colleagues, who use our magazine as supplementary teaching material in language courses, in universities as well as in other institutions. This makes us particularly happy, because the magazine is aimed at teachers of Hungarian as a supplement to their teaching, in addition to the people who wish to learn "Magyar" in general. We would therefore like to draw your attention to our special offer for teachers and others referred to in further detail on pages 35-36.

As a result of the reactions of our readers, we have started a new column in this issue for the few of you who have missed literary topics in our magazine. We shall take up these suggestions in our column "Könyvjelző" (bookmark) and are therefore bringing Hungarian fairytales in our new series, as well as folk-tales, myths, legends and other interesting reading material in an illustrated and simplified form, to make the pearls of Hungarian literature accessible to as wide a circle of readers as possible.

Now that spring is here, at long last, we wish you many pleasant hours of reading!

Kovács Tünde
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