2nd issue
Dear Readers,

Since the publication of the first issue of our magazine, we have received a great number of letters. We would like to thank all of you for sharing your valuable ideas and comments with us. Your feedback has indeed been taken into account by the redefinition of our guidelines. According to our original concept, the magazine focused on the following three groups:

learners and teachers living in Hungary, learners and teachers living abroad, and Hungarians of the second or third generation. It appears that our readership also includes a fourth group, namely Hungarian speakers learning and teaching German and/or English. Following their request, we have completed the German glossary with the indication of the noun genders (r/e/s) and the cases after certain verbs (A, G, D).

Parents with young children and elementary school teachers had expressed their wish for children-oriented activities. The column "Gyerekjáték" with its playful and imaginative content was written especially for them.

Those of you intending to take a language exam will benefit from another new column. The contribution of Dr. Háry László, General Office Manager of the Foreign Languages Department at the University of Pécs, will provide you with helpful information about the ECL language exam. In each of the upcoming issues, you will find examples from earlier ECL exams to help you prepare your test.

In the first issue of this magazine, we had to renounce the book, film and CD reviews due to lack of space. From now on, this column will appear on a regular basis.

As our magazine is read in many countries of the world, we have decided to publish the vocabulary lists in various languages. From the beginning of December 2004 onwards, the glossaries in our latest issue will be published in Finnish, French, Dutch, Polish and Romanian at the following Internet address: www.magyarultanulok.com. The list of available languages will be augmented continuously.

I hope that this magazine will help you spend the long autumn and winter evenings in a pleasant way!

Kovács Tünde
Chief Editor
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