1st issue
Dear Readers, It has always been my dream to share my experience, based on many years of teaching, with as many learners and teachers of the Hungarian language as possible. The idea as to how to fulfill this dream was born last December, and now, in May, I feel it has finally become reality. The aim of this regularly appearing magazine, made by an excellent international team, is to make the learning of Hungarian as enjoyable as possible. You are holding in your hands the result of five months of feverish work.

The content and the structure of the magazine are a result of careful planning so that it will be possible for every learner to find:

  • authentic and up-to-date texts (Sajtófigyel., Fókuszban, Országismeret)
  • communication-centred reports and interviews (Országismeret, Portrétár)
  • useful and interesting information about Hungary (Országismeret, Portrétár, Élethelyzetek, Ajánló)
  • grammar explanations and exercises illustrating the logical structure of the Hungarian language as an additional help to your studies (Nyelvtan)
  • language games (Tarka-barka)

The selection of texts is varied: there is something for all language learners at any level. Except for three sections (Tarka-barka, Nyelvtan, Ajánló); the level of difficulty of each text is indicated by one of the three colours of the traffic lights. There are easier texts (green light), moderately difficult texts (yellow light) and more difficult texts (red light). However, it is very difficult to define clear separation lines between the levels in general. You can flip through these pages in your spare-time, work with them while travelling on a bus or train, or you can use them to complement the materials you use normally in the framework of your regular Hungarian studies. Our most hard-working readers will have the chance to win a great number of presents (Nyereményjátékok)

This language magazine has been written for you, so please do not hesitate to share your opinion, comments and further suggestions with us.

I hope you will enjoy the magazine our editing team has prepared with so much attention and care for you.

Tünde Kovács
Chief Editor
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