40th issue

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In this issue we highlight a new topic: addictions.

Portrétár brings you an interview with one of the most dedicated experts of this topic, Dr János Szemelyácz, psychiatrist and addictologist, President of the Hungarian Association of Addictions and professional head of INDIT Public Foundation, who talked about the situation of addictions in Hungary including prevention and rehabilitation programmes. Stress is a concept that must be mentioned when addressing addictions. Did you know that the theory of stress was developed by a scientist of Hungarian origin? You can find out about the life and career of János Selye in Magyarok a nagyvilágban. Needless to say, the exercises in Fókusz also explore the problem of various addictions. To offset this rather gloomy core topic, you will be pleased to read a delightful interview with Lucy Frankel in Akiknek már sikerült...

In Könyvjelző we present a collection of sayings of famous people about addictions – some funny, others wise and food for thought.

And should you need to see a doctor in Hungary, you will be able to practice some of the terminology of a doctor’s visit with the help of the real-life dialogue in Élethelyzetek. We launch a new series titled Egyetemi körkép in the section Tarkabarka. With the help of students of Hungarian and native Hungarian teachers it presents universities in different countries where Hungarian studies are offered. We start by introducing the Hungarian Department of Osaka University.

Enjoy browsing.

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