39th issue

Dear Readers,

In this issue we have reached the end of our tour of the globe: to quote the song by Miklós Varga, we arrived in vén Európa, old Europe. You will be able to test your geography by doing the exercises in Fókusz, and you can also refresh your knowledge of the European Union. Our Országismeret section presents Hungary.

Portrétár invites you to Austria, Hungary, and the Netherlands. Dr. Dr. h.c. Béla Teleky, professor of Hungarian origin living in Vienna told us about the importance of the values assimilated at home. We asked Fatima Korok, wold record holder of freediving about the world championship in July this year, and her road to success. Did you know that a number of Dutch citizens had chosen Hungary as their second home country or temporary residence? Many of them have also learnt Hungarian. Akiknek már sikerült... brings you one of the success stories.

Könyvjelző shares with you Dezső Kosztolányi’s poem Európa. Written in 1930 this powerful poem has lost none of its timeliness. And if you are thinking of travelling around Europe as a tourist, you will be pleased to learn how to take out the European health insurance card.

Enjoy browsing.

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