38th issue

Dear Readers,

In this issue we stay in the Americas – this time in South America. We will reveal in the Országismeret section how active the Hungarian communities are in Argentina and Colombia. In this section we also present some interesting facts from the past. For example, did you know that the national anthems of two South American countries: Uruguay and Paraguay were composed by a Hungarian immigrant? Have you heard that to date Argentina has celebrated inventors' day on the birthday of László Bíró, the inventor of the biro or ballpoint pen?

Portrétár invites you to visit several South American countries. Szilárd Bélafi guides groups of tourists around Colombia with his wife of Wayuu Indian origin, and tells our readers about this wonderful country as an insider. Dr Ferenc Fischer shares his experiences in Chile. Two students studying in Hungary – one from Colombia, the other from Ecuador – tell us how they see Hungary through South American eyes. Their stories and insights are thought-provoking, humorous and funny.

The exercises in Fókusz are designed to not only enhance your Hungarian but also test your knowledge about South America.

And should you wish to fly to one of the South American countries, this issue will tell you whether Hungarians need a visa.

Enjoy browsing.

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