37th issue
Dear Readers,
In this issue we continue our tour of the world’s continent in North America. The Országismeret section takes you “Hungarian Hollywood,” where the world of the magic screen was hallmarked by the names of many actors, movie directors, cameramen and costume and sets designers of Hungarian origin especially in the first half of the 20th century. We offer a short selection from their extraordinary life stories.
Portrétár brings you exceptional lives. We are delighted that Dr Edith Eva Eger, psychologist and Hungarian holocaust survivor living in the U.S. honoured our magazine by giving us an interview. She shares her experiences and her fount of wisdom. Robert Gilvesy came from Canada to Hungary and left his original profession of architect to become an organic winegrower. Liz Szabó Vos has Hungarian ancestors but she was born in the U.S. She adores Hungary and has been working on her Hungarian on an ongoing basis. The exercises in Fókusz are designed to not only enhance your Hungarian but also test your knowledge about North America. And should you wish to fly in the United States of America for a visit, this issue will tell you how to buy an airplane ticket in Hungarian.
Enjoy browsing.
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