36th issue
Dear Readers,
This issue will take you to Australia, the continent that is farthest away from Europe. It is summer now in the southern hemisphere – we managed to reach our interviewees in Portrétár whilst on vacation. Ausztrál Tom, who has his own YouTube channel, shares his experiences about learning Hungarian. In our Magyarok a nagyvilágban section you will be acquainted with the interesting career of Dr. Anikó Hatoss, linguist. Országismeret will present you a short summary of Hungarians who emigrated to Australia over the course of history.
It goes without saying that the adventures of the Mézga family in Australia have also found their way to this issue – all the more so as Ausztrál Tom had funny comments and analyses of the famous cartoon family’s adventures in the Antipodes in one of his YouTube casts.
The exercises in Fókusz are linked to the rich fauna and tumultuous history of the smallest continent.
So join us on a colourful fantasy journey to Australia, and if you fancy a real-life visit, you will be pleased to know that the world’s longest lockdown in Australia has come to an end just recently.
Enjoy browsing.
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