33rd issue

Dear Readers,

This issue will bring you nostalgia. Oh the good old days! We evoke the feeling and products of the sixties, seventies and eighties.

You will learn about the revival of Tisza shoes and read the story of the opening of Menza Restaurant in Budapest. All told us by none other than László Vida, known in Hungary as the Retro King because of his ideas to rekindle the past.

Cuban retro emanates from the life story of Irén Suskó, university professor of history, who lived in Cuba for over forty years. Her life in Cuba has also been presented in a documentary.

In our módSZERtár section the pontHU team addressed retro as a cultural phenomenon by means of songs. Fókusz brings you a collection of Hungarian products and old advertising sons you can listen to at the links provided. Children of the sixties and seventies were enchanted by the novel experience of animated puppet films and cartoons made at the time. We present some of the iconic series for your entertainment.

The COVID-19 pandemic being a hot topic, we too address it in this issue. Meet the neologisms coined over the past few months. You may want to browse Karanténszótár, a glossary of no less than 400 terms collected by Dr. Ágnes Veszelszki.

Stay safe!

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