29th issue

Dear Readers,

The past few decades brought a massive societal transformation, which also resulted in significant changes in the concept and role of the family. In this issue we address this much discussed, yet inexhaustibly multifaceted topic in terms of vocabulary as well as grammar.

Our Portrétár section brings you Dr. Csaba Bódi, managing director of HiPP Kft. of Hanságliget, who talks about his professional career, and Dr. Abdel Hameed, paediatrician from the Sudan relates his very adventurous life. The 200th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Ignác Semmelweis is a prime opportunity to remember the saviour of mothers.

Tarkabarka launches a new series titled módSZERtár for the benefit of our fellow teachers. The assignments are based on the sessions of MID methodology workshop organised by the PontHU team. Those who are interested in the workshop’s activities can find more detailed accounts at the ponthu.blog.hu website.

Thanks to Babilon Publishers, our Gyerekjáték section also offers a new feature to both young and older readers: Hungarian language colouring pages.

In addition, you will find a report on the Twins’ Meeting at Ikervár – a recently established tradition; you will learn about the way spouses use their name; and you will explore childhood diseases. We hope everybody will be able to find something interesting to read in this treasure trove.

In this spirit we wish you an enjoyable summer.

Tünde Kovács
Chief editor

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