27th issue

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Portrétár brings you an interview with László Sütheő, the person who knows all about board games, and acquaints you with Nobel Prize laureate János Harsányi and his theory of games. Fókuszban presents a whole gamut of cost-effective yet ingenious games of yesteryears, which had community building at their core besides providing a chance to have fun. We leave it to you to discuss whether the old or the new games are better or more useful.

Our Országismeret section takes you to Geresdlak in Baranya County, where visitors are offered numerous wonderful exhibitions.

Last but not least, we try to boost your motivation to learn Hungarian through the example of the Ambassador of Mongolia to Hungary, who suggests useful tips to learners — his words are not only witty but also food for thought.

Gyerekjáték section.

Tünde Kovács
Chief editor

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