25th issue

Dear Readers,

Our Issue 25 guides you into the world of scents. Many of you have probably heard of Viktória Minya, the Hungarian perfumer, who has acquired international acclaim. Our colleague Edina Dragaschnig travelled to Paris to interview her face-to-face. Viktória gives us a glimpse into the world of perfumes and perfume making; the report reveals many interesting details. In this connection, the exercises in Fókuszban are also centred around scents.

In our Országismeret section we are launching a new series on Hungarian ‘firsts.’ The opening articles acquaint you with the first Hungarian fröccs, or spritzer, and the soda water dispenser invented by Ányos Jedlik. In the heat of summer you may benefit from our concise spritzer encyclopaedia, although we suppose even our beginner learners of Hungarian are familiar with the most important spritzer varieties.

Page through our latest issue, peruse its content whilst sipping a refreshing fröccs, inhale the summer scents and improve your Hungarian as you do.

We wish you a very pleasant summer.

Tünde Kovács
Chief editor

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