22nd issue

Dear readers!

Our last issue was all about birthdays, celebrating our 10th anniversary in the course. This time we thought we would leap ahead in time to see what ageing holds in store for us. Active ageing - a buzz word picked up by the European Union in 2012 to support solidarity among generations. There is plenty to go for once you have reached sixty and others are increasingly appreciating your contribution. Active ageing is about getting more out of life - at work, at home and in society. Just look at the Austrian-Hungarian project "Active Ageing" in our section on regional studies.

Fókuszban is dedicated to the difference between generations from the humorous perspective.

Portétár looks at notable personalities of different ages, professions and nationalities, among them Dickens's great-great-great granddaughter and the world's oldest Olympic winner still alive.

We have revamped Könyvjelző: check it out for ingenious quotations on ageing.

Our magazine too is ageing "actively" to keep up with the times. We have been publishing it as a print medium for more than ten years now. We are planning for an electronic version as of the next issue. For details on the conversion please check our homepage and newsletter.

Happy reading!

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