21st issue

Hard to believe but true! It is precisely ten years ago that we launched our magazine: our first issue was printed the same year Hungary acceded to the European Union - in May 2004. Since then we have composed and edited 880 colourful pages, didactically prepared 20 topics, and have conducted interviews with more than 70 inspiring people. We are happy to see our magazine is read in 33 countries, from the USA to Japan, from Finland to Nigeria.

It is because of our tenth anniversary that we are dedicating the current issue to birthdays and jubilees. Join us in our celebrations and you will see there are more prizes than ever to win in our prize draws!

The jubilee edition takes you to Szeged on the Theiß, a city close to our hearts seeing as four of our editorial staff graduated from university there. Aside from the conventional sites you will get to know about several innovative ideas: read about the floating eco house, the Rongy pub and the Bödön theme market. The Portrétár section presents an interview with the manager of the joint office Tó Office. We also interviewed Orsós Gábor, the inventor of artificial luxury islands. There are plenty of colourful pictures to round off our articles and, who knows, you may want to enjoy the latest issue of Magyarul Tanulo(ó)k on one of the Orsós islands next summer!

Great thanks to all our subscribers for their many years of loyalty and trust!

Tünde Kovács

Chief editor

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