19th issue
Dear readers!

The central topic of our current issue – colours, shapes and flavours – proved so rewarding even we at the editorial office got carried away with some of the articles. We particularly suggest you read the article on chocolate afficionados and the one on the film studio in Kecskemét.

We also look into the world of fashion, in fact the CDs and books we recommend are not just about music and facts related to Hungary but about fashion too. Plus, in this issue you will get to know Michele Kovac´s, a fashion designer currently living in Caracas.

The editors have launched cooperation with ”Kisalföld”, Hungary’s top-selling daily paper outside Budapest. The section Sajtófigyelő is dedicated to analysing the paper’s online articles from the didactical point of view. Servus Magazine, also new in our list of partners, recommended Adriana Peterova, a young artist and cultural manager born in Slovakia, living in Vienna and with a perfect command
of Hungarian. 

We are pleased to announce we are now on Facebook (www.facebook.com/magyarultanul) and have designed our own blog (www.magyarultanulokblog.wordpress.com) to complement our colourful printed edition. Be sure to follow us online if you want to be on top of things. Our online platforms include everything we could not pack into the magazine itself.

We wish you all a wonderful summer and plenty of time to enjoy the latest issue. Happy reading!

Tünde Kovács

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