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You can also advertise in the magazine Magyarul tanulok. We want to offer this opportunity particularly to those who wish to reach a wide range of the target group interested or in need of Magyarul tanulok.

The magazine has 5 Target Groups:
  • foreign learners of Hungarian living in Hungary and abroad
  • second and third generation Hungarians living abroad
  • Hungarians living abroad or in the Diaspora
  • teachers of Hungarian
  • German and English teachers in Hungary

We recommend these opportunities primarily to publishing houses, language schools, language teachers, summer universities, bookshops, shops with Hungarian goods, restaurants, hotels, museums, transport services and other facilities with goals matching the magazine’s profile.
The advertisements carry a particularly high value of information if you allude to opportunities and possibilities in those cities and surrounding areas mentioned in the section “Regional Studies” of the particular issue.

Should you be interested in such possibilities, please contact us.
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