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Travelling across the world

Travelling across the world... On May 12, 2012, Edina Dragaschnig und Tünde Kovács, two members of our editing team, participated for the seventh time already in the teacher training seminar organized by the Hungarian cultural institute in Stuttgart, presenting a workshop on setting suitable learning environments, preparation of teaching units, evaluation of lessons and continuous motivation of students. more...

Visiting Stuttgart: On June 12, 2010 Edina Dragaschnig and Tünde Kovács from the editor’s office ran the didactics workshop “creative language coaches” for teacher training at the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Stuttgart. more...

Magyarul Tanulok Japánban Two members of our editorial department - Edina Dragaschnig and Tünde Kovács - visited Japan in November, where they gave a lecture at the "Socio-Cultural Interference in Hungarian Classes" conference at Osaka University. In the next issue of Magyarul tanulo(ó)k we will certainly share our "Japanese experience" with our readers. Because of our trip to Japan publication of the next issue is scheduled for January. read more...


We are pleased to announce that our language magazine is already available in 20 countries. Looking at the range of distribution, it is clear that our subscribers predominantly live in “western” countries (Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland) and North America (Canada, USA). We are answerable to inquiries from countries all over the world. Unfortunately, many representatives from Hungary’s neighbouring countries (which have become the place of abode for vast numbers of Hungarians too) are not able to subscribe to Magyarul tanulok due to the limited budgets of their departments or organizations. [more]

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