7th issue
Dear Readers,

We are happy to report that in the last few months our editorial staff has not only been hard at work on this current issue, but also that we are now installed at a new location. We are all very pleased with our spacious and sunny office.

In our current issue you will find materials focusing on two main topics. On the one hand you can read up on money, salaries, Hungary’s economy and the forms of companies. Then we shift gears and focus on leisure time and creative activities, providing an appropriate balance to the world of high finance.

Some articles feature audio materials that allow you to practice your pronunciation. This material can be accessed together with the other services we offer on our homepage (www.magyarultalnulok.com).

In our hectic world it is more important than ever to find the kind of relaxation that infuses us with new energy despite our oftentimes stressful lifestyles. This issue is certain not only to expand your knowledge of Hungarian, but also to give you some new ideas that you may find useful or even out of the ordinary for spending your leisure time or your summer vacation.

With this in mind, I wish all of our dedicated readers on my behalf and on behalf of my colleagues a pleasant and relaxing summer!

Tünde Kovács
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