26th issue

Dear Readers,

Our Issue 26 invites you on a journey. Our articles will guide you to several continents from Africa through Asia to Europe. We continue our series on Hungarian ‘firsts’ in the Országismeret section. In this issue we bring you Flóra Sass, the first Hungarian Africa explorer. Reading Portrétár you will find out where to learn Hungarian in China, and you will be acquainted with the story of the establishment and operation of Panoráma Világklub. Would you have ever guessed that that in Vienna, city of Christmas fairs it is an enterprising Hungarian lady who opened the first round-the-year Christmas salon?

The fun exercises in Fókuszban will not only help you expand your Hungarian vocabulary but will also test your knowledge of geography.

We are launching a new series in our Gyerekjáték section. We present you with the score and lyrics of songs along with illustrations, hopefully to the pleasure of both young and old.

We wish you all a Happy New Year! Stay with us next year too!

Tünde Kovács
Chief editor

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