20th issue

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The current issue deals with a topic without which our ever faster world of today would be virtually impossible: information and communication technologies (ICT) are omnipresent in our daily lives, not just at work but to a large extent also in our free time. Portrétár is an article about one of Hungary’s most well known companies and products Prezi. We also visited the two global companies Google and the Institute of Cancer Research in London to talk to young Hungarians working there. IT is essential for their work too.

IT has also left its mark on our language: let us introduce you to the realm of SMS spelling, present you with Hungarian creations to match the English expressions used in IT and explain the spelling of foreign and loan words in Hungarian.

Tarkabarka launches a series of picture stories by Durst Peter with illustrations by Burg Balázs.

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Stay with us throughout 2014! We wish you all a Happy New Year!

Tünde Kovács

Editor in chief

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